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Blue Raven is the perfect spot for birthday parties, painting parties, showers and more! We can provide an art project that everyone will enjoy and combine it with your party plans. It's the perfect mix!



Blue Raven Art School is available for meeting space. Make an appointment to see the space and discuss options. Email Lynne@BlueRavenArtSchool.com
or call 520-623-1003



We have moved! We are now located at 720 East Prince Road. We are just 1/2 block east of First Avenue on the south side of Prince Road. Click here for a map.


Pardon our dust as we continue with renovations on the building. Classes are still happening.



Check our calendar (click here) for the most up to date listing.


APRIL 2018

3. Addicted to Metal Clay

3. Precious Metal Clay

4. Intro to Leather Work

4. Experimental Watercolor

5. Precious Metal Clay

6. Jewelry Workshop

7. Acrylic Ink: Pipe Dreams

9. Art Share with Acrylic Inks

9. Gourd Play Day

10. Addicted to Metal Clay

10. Precious Metal Clay

11. Intro to Leather Work

11. Experimental Watercolor

12. Precious Metal Clay

12. Clay Canisters and Vases

13. Fabric Fun!

14. HoT Art Studio Tour

15. HoT Art Studio Tour

16. Let's Finish It! Acrylic Inks

17. Addicted to Metal Clay

17. Metalsmithing

18. Intro to Leather Work

18. Experimental Watercolor

19. Metalsmithing

19. Clay Canisters and Vases

20. Jewelry Workshop: Gold

21. Jewelry Workshop: Fold Forming

22. Mosaic: Birds of the Desert

24. Addicted to Metal Clay

24. Metalsmithing

25. Intro to Leather Work

25. Experimental Watercolor

26. Metalsmithing

26. Clay Shadow Boxes

28. Wire Wrapping

29. Acrylic Ink: Pipe Dreams

30. Fabric Fun!

30. Old Pueblo Gourd Patch Meeting





Welcome to Blue Raven Art School. Please browse our classes and let us know if there are any you'd like to take. Fill out a student registration form and send it in to get registered for classes. If you are a teacher and are interested in teaching at Blue Raven, please let us know, we will work you into the schedule.


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We look forward to creating and sharing the experience of art with you.


Lynne East-Itkin


Blue Raven Art School

720 E Prince Road

Tucson, AZ 85719





Blue Raven Art School

720 E Prince Road       Tucson Arizona 85719

520-623-1003       Lynne@BlueRavenArtSchool.com