I love fire and have done since the age of 17 when I started making pottery. But then at the age of 55 my pottery business partner introduced me to the process of making glass beads.  It was a brief play-time away from clay and kilns.  It changed my life.


Lots of bead making has happened since that time.  Four years ago I put down roots in Tucson, Arizona, with my studio space only a delightful few steps away. My 2 cats and great hairy black dog keep me company and contemplate their world at a safe distance from the flame.


My beads, lampwork (effetre), are born within the flame of a bench torch, mashed, rolled, dotted and streaked, and annealed in a kiln. Once cooled, they are woven and wrapped in metals such as aluminum, copper and silver.  I produce earrings, bracelets, necklaces, but predominately pendants.


My customers have asked me to teach them how to weave the pendants. It’s fun to share the shapes of both the simple and complex weaves of the jewelry I love to create.


Joan Lisi

Rapt Fyre Story



Blue Raven Art School

720 E Prince Road       Tucson Arizona 85719